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Dr Bernard Nau

Dr. Bernard Nau has been a medical doctor since 1982 having received his education at the State University of Haiti, and he has been an orthopaedic surgeon since 1986. Dr. Nau obtained his fellowship in external fixation from the Erasmus University of Brussels in 1989 and has been practicing in his native Haiti ever since. Orthopedic procedures include fractures, dislocation of upper and lower extremities (hip, knee, shoulder replacement) prosthetic fixation and general orthopaedic trauma are among the areas expertise of Dr. Nau for more than two decades. For many years Dr Nau has taught orthopaedic residents at the medical school in Port au Prince. Dr. Nau established his private practice at Centre Hospitalier du Sacré-Coeur (CDTI). When he began his private practice, Dr. Nau gave one day a week to serve the poor at mission hospitals. Since 2006, Dr. Nau has been a member of the Board for Healing Hands for Haiti International, an organization providing physical rehabilitation and education for Haitians with disabilities. More recently, Dr. Nau has taken on the challenge of Country Medical Director for Healing Hands for Haiti International.