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Dr Danika Tynes

Dr. Danika Tynes, Senior Research Faculty at Georgia Tech Research Institute, serves as a subject matter expert on digital transformation projects, within the Information Communications Lab (ICL), Trusted Interoperable Systems and Architectures Division (TISAD). As a strategic advisor and digital health program management professional for the past 20 years, Dr. Tynes focuses her work on the advancement and strengthening of global and local health systems. Having implemented several enterprise-wide telehealth solutions in the field, implemented solutions for large payor and provider organizations, U.S. state and federal clients, and multiple non-governmental agencies, Dr. Tynes is driven by creating opportunities for equity and access to healthcare for the world’s most vulnerable populations. Towards this aim, Dr. Tynes is actively engaged in policy and research to enable such access through her work in closing the digital divide and increasing digital literacy and inclusion.